lizard chitters


nami/peri |6/16/24

heyall! its been increasingly apparent to me recently that i am a mentally unstable individual. woops..thats teenage brain for ya. hey wanna see something cool
funny barroth
also ive been avoiding tumblr for..wgat... since the start of this month..THATS SO BAD I NEED TO GET OVER IT - p


nami/peri |6/14/24

hey little skibidis oh by the way if youre reading this? youre NEAT and probably cool and must be studied under a microscope. anyway today i gotta put DUCT TAPE on my furry suit head ..finally..after like way too long of working on the foam base. oh and i wanna work on the LAZ SECTION and fill ouut those two tabs ive been neglecting. i am ON IT~~ - p


nami/peri |6/11/24

heh. summer now. i gots to work on my site but SICK. SIICKK IM SO MAD anyway i made some ermm summer art yipeee go lookie now - p

heyo updates n shtuff

nami/peri |6/7/24

i Return. my old site interest dump picture thing was getting OLD and STALE and MOLDY and OUTDATED so i made a new one! but heres the old one for archival sake

hopefully today i will get the code for my new "collections" page working but for nowwwwwww im going to procastinate and try out this web site called picsmix or something..wish me luck - p

fun times in roadblock!

nami/peri |6/7/24

wowies its almost SUMMER BREAK!! err i got a buncha stuff to work on regarding this site...(and ive beed avoiding tumblr for an entire week but thats neither here nor there. i think i need to go to a psychiatrist) so i was playing roblox with some buddies and had much fun in this graffiti drawing game thing. i met some adoring fans. my ego got wayyy too boosted LOL...take a look at some shtuff!

this random person drew me a bunch it was really cute :'^) SO CUTE

heres the finished piece that i was drawing there as well. FT some poopoo and piss from a juju tsoo kaisen fan. nice!

i dont think they liked my kind...LMAO.

this bluebird person saw one of my morps! i wonder if they are fictionkin or not hehe...(probably not but i can wish). i put a comment on their art that read "i forgive you bluebird".
anyway i had a good time despite my tendency to avoid social situations on the lines. turns out i do quite enjoy the attention (even if they did not know it was the Real Peridot playing with them lawl) - p


nami/peri |6/2/24

i GENUINELTY CANNOT do this whole Internet Social Environment thig i was nice to someone in tags and they FOLLOWED ME AUGHHH WHYYYYYY I DONT EVEN POSTTTT I JUST RB WITH NO TAGS 99 Percent of the time yes im Vageupostinng im so sorry if the person sees this im sure youre really very COOL AND AWEOSME i literally am just mentally ill (pictured:)
- p


nami/peri |6/1/24

YIIKES i made an intro post on a sideblog like "heh im finally gonna post on tumblr!" (i did not end up posting on tumblr) anyway i didnt tag the post or anything but somebody foudn it and liked it :skull: GO AWYA who uses the SSEARCH feature on tumblr :skull: (can you tell i hate being percieved) - p

happy prrriiiidee!!

nami/peri |6/1/24

i drew some art for pride month yipee!! i love bein a lil queer or somethin we are all weird and hated by the government let us all love each other at LEAST for a little while despite our differences. infighting does not help! if you are queer you are most liekly pretty dang cool - p


nami/peri |5/30/24

and i probably did really good! which is no surprise but i tend to get anxious about these things anyway... i updated my button so that's cool, the old one was a BIT crusty okay. i wanna do some small asset updates around the site and all but erhgh um WORK? no THANKS..maybe eventually...yea! i gots like the rest of forever to that. kinda weird how this site is more than a year old by this point... i have changed a lot, not really better, just kinda the same, but hey, change is cool! sometimes. i am still unemployed - p

i painted a fricken bird

nami/peri |5/29/24

this gem just wants finals to END. AUGGHH. anmyway i cast a concrete bird in shop and took it home and painted it epic me and laz colors go go woo yeah

also i finally took that mb ti thing people obsess over an im an uhh intj t whatever the heck that even means - p

the project is DONE

nami/peri |5/28/24

teehe! i had a quite BAD memorial day weekend (i didnt get enough attention and my mental health went out the wazoo but yk how it is) , but one good thing did come of it. i finsihed laz! she is crusty as hell but i love her. lookie now!

here is front and back/..she has beans in her body so she can actually sit if ya balance it a bit. oh and i embroidered her lil shinies in her hair! i love those dang things. in real lift its pyrite :^3 here are some more pics...

little qpp flag tag :^3 aaanywaywer this is like my first (actually finished) humanoid plush so ey not too shabby methinks. yuaaa - p

onto the next project!

nami/peri |5/26/24

one thing youtube canNOT sabotage is plushiemaking. i have this blue fluffy kinda rosey fabric and it remided me a lot of laz' hair so i offhandedly though "huh i probably have the rght colors to make her" and evr since yesterday i have been working on that. currently procrastinationg making her body but hey her head's done! ( i should really get to work...)
- p

i made a playlist

nami/peri |5/25/24

heya! i made a palylist of silly silly music i like if yuou like uhhhhhh hyperpop or whatevr go check it out. if ya want. 'tis be it edit: nevermind youtube hates it when you put copyrighted music in a vdieo :skull emoji: - p


nami/peri |5/24/24

gmod is one of humanity's best inventions i think. wanna see some stuff from the past like 5 sessions. most of these were before my 'kin awakening

what a lovely game with friends - p


nami/peri |5/22/24

i guess i nested all the grid boxes in One grid box somehow and i tought they disseapred but ijust had to delete one line of code all is well. how did that even happen - p


nami/peri |5/22/24

guess which gem just deleted half a html page he was working on...yeah...IM SO MAD...AUGJHJA UAGYAHAGAYGAHAGYAU wellp time to get back to work!!!( I really dont want to). good news been doing some SOUL SEARCHING ok not really but anywya i have gfound that narccisists are super relatbale and cool i have many traits bt i am a bbaby baby so i do not have it but i do hahve o d d which is like cluster b lite so /JJ anyway. theres that. oh my stars i do not want to make this page again oj midj sp r - p

awesome website reccomendation

nami/peri |5/19/24

my dear friend ben is making a website, as ou can see he is very talented, go check him out, professional website builder ben tb here - p

back..yet againa

nami/peri |5/19/24

not sunday's biggest fan to be honest. new site section is coming along well but it is literally unreadable on mobile (the images squid the box really thin), which is not a Big deal my site isnt meant for mobile, but i still kinda wanna read i am gonna work on fixing that today. also maybe work on the "laz section" i dont know what i wanna PUT in that but i know i want to put Somethings in there so i will brainstorm a bit! - p


nami/peri |5/18/24

good news! i finished that homework! ermm so anyway i have a small site renovation in mind. i never ended up doiing much with the "safe place" page so i decided i will scrap the whole thing and replace it with something a bit more relevant. hopeuflly i will make it presentable enough by the end of the day :^3 - p


nami/peri |5/17/24

heh wowzaseurmmmmmm its like month uh two of being fictionkin! aweomsauce! (save me). ive been working on a document recording all of my currently known knwoledge about my species. its a big ol work in progress---this gem can barely remember what happened last week ok, this is a lot of brain power. fursuit head foam base is almost done and ready for furring but i gotta do a few touchups n get everything looking good enough. i am updating my site instead of doing my romeo and juliet homework. i reallt want to post on tumbler (he wont because of the anxiety death beam) - p

recent stuffz

nami/peri |4/13/24

been making silly stuff here is...fiber robonoid her name is TW-69 it stands for The Worst

also work has been goin pretty good on my fursuit, i wil be done the foam base soon, but i want to finish it before i share anything... also i impulse bought a 60 gram piece of lapis lazuli erm OKAY LOOK I MISS HER - p


nami/peri |3/31/24

i REAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLUYYYYYYYYYY wanna strat interacting with the nonhuman and alth community on tumblr like actually posting about my experiences and stuff but ouuhagh(ANXIETY) so so bad....ik its freakazoid landia over there but i still fear being too WEIRD. which i Shouldnt but i Do. and i generally just have a fear of rejection so...yk cant be rejected if i dont post... but merrprpp . - p

finished a rpoject 2day and general plushies update!

nami/peri |3/31/24

i made alien plush because i didnt wanna spend CURRENCY, also, i ave worked on a few plushis since GAB that i did not catalogue here, so i will now!

i am still a novice and went through some patterning puzzles here, but it turned out pretyy well and how i imagined it in my head. i tried threadscupting for the first time on the Feet there if you can see. the geebler is weighted with beans so it can sit. this is the project i finished today.
here is most of my plushes since gab in order of recency

i made the long eastern dragon, named alice, on thanksgiving, she took me one and a half days. she's shoddily made but i love her very much. she is an unspecified length of "very long"

her tail is weighted with beads and so is her legs and ears, she is very good for snuggles and such.
this is sky snake, a quick one day project when i was bored.

i am still a novice, but i have come quite a ways. there is ONE project i have not shown eventually (it's a lifesized 'plushie' of princess bubblegum that lives next to my bed and is bald because i lost motive by the time i had to make her hair. she is scary and my friend group loves her)
i hope you like my plushes! maybe one day i will make some i can sell. - p

the identity crisis NEVER ENDS

nami/peri |3/25/24

its no longer a woman..but like i kinda still am but not in the she/her way...goodbye she her pronouns...Good bye...

i'm back..yet again

nami/peri |3/19/24

woa. Hey im back im a year older now and i basically only got the motivation to update my site because I wanted to edit my about page: if you COULDNT tell, ive done some euhhh, considering and WOWIES, i have a new SOURCE. Truly amazing (I am so distressed please Help this Gem). I also realized my dragon kintype has really faded and i felt little to no connection to it anymore, really my dragoninity (is that a word) comes from my koraidon 'type and i suppose i was confused. Being WRONG IS OK!!! So i axed that. I have also come to terms with more parts of me. overall, i'm pretty happy, but i really miss lazuli and a lot of other sourcemates, which SUPER SUCKS. (ALSO I have been crafting!!! i made a buncha plushies and im working on a fursuit right now and i've made a lot of cardboard crafts too. Who KNOWS when i'll be motivated enough to take nice photos of'll def see the suit eventually though :3)


nami |1/30/24

happy belated new year yall! i take so long to update this site i am SO BAD. i keep waiting so long my interests keep changing. still love AT, but the fixation has ended. i am currently Normally Interested in...steven universe. I have evolved as a person from a hater in 2017 to now writing a fic about my su ocs. Yeah! and i have to make a new 2024 section in the art page...sigh. thanks for visiting my site in this day and age, coding your own site is hella punk rock!

my au

nami |11/7/23

Guys, this is BAD. once I Start Making the ocs, it O V E R! so, anyway, i saw someone online make a comment about how neddy is a dragon and is bonnie's brother so of course that must mean bonnie is also a dragon! and i havent been normal since! like, okay. IM a dragon, so obvciously i am insane about this . check the art tab. i will not elaborate too much, but bonnie's a weredragon and is sorta insecure about it. finn thinks it epic. i think its epic...oh and ellie is marcy and bonnie's test tube love child. maybe i will get the motive to actually write about all of this stuff, but for now my brain is violently bulging with gummy juice

brain gummy

nami |10/18/23

Okay, one month later! i haven't hyperfixated this hard in a Long Time. basically, my friends watched fionna n cake and i was like, jeebus! i was an adventure time girlie when i was younger but not really into the lore much or anything so i watched it and i went crazy and im likeee halfway thru watching adventure time now. im so inane...pb i lovey ou
(alsoi m definitely not finishing ogerpon before haloween..ermm..oops
im soo ocrazy!!

oh boy..

nami | 9/18/23

i really wasnt kididng when i said updates woiuld be slow...erm its soo lesbiphobic that i have to go to just a reptile and your maing me do algebra... anwyay, hai!! its almosr O CTOBER and im acytually gona do cosplay this halloween woah! i havent done anything for halloween in 3 we know the pkmn dlc came outsies and IM OBSESSED WITH OGERPON. going thru a little fixatioon on her and im gonna be her!! it'll be a big project but i think im ready. also im so happy all my friends and my wife are chill with my 'kinity, i couldnt ask for better guys in my life. literally agias.

about koraidon

nami | 8/18/23

i have been thinking recently about (one of) my species, and that is the 'raidon. i actually kind of dislike that name and i do prefer the alternate name "winged king", but in the end i would prefer certain humans don't meddle in naming us aanyway. i have been pondering my relation to the source, and as a very non spiritual person its been a little difficult. though i have a few things figured out(probably): i'm in no way related to any of the in-game koraidons. my brain tells me i live(?) lived(???) in a time untouched by humans or whatever. also it's not a very pokemon-y place if that makes sense. like i'm not breathing fire and exploding into balls of light or whatever. if i do posess magic it's not overly present, but i dont think i do at all. at the very beginning of my alterhumanity journey i heavily questioned myself if i were faking, im a big skeptic, my brain tries to logic its way out of everything, but no.... im a big scarlet lizard... in real :3 anddd thats why i dont particularly enjoy the label 'fictionkin' to describe myself either. theres nuffin wrong with it, its just like, Im Real yk... anyway just had to get some of those thoughts out. though i do wonder if my, even if sort of tangental, connection to the source is a contributor as to why i feel such a strong sense of real-ness and friendship with the main cast of that game.


nami | 8/17/23

after making the dragon puppet, i got inspired to continue doing crafty-things and ended up speedrunning these two masks. i made the koraidon in one day and added the lower jaw today, it's a moving jaw buttt i can never get the bands to fit my head just right so it doesnt really work... its SOOO gender though... then i quickly thru together this dragon mask after that. i got the measurement perfect this time an it fits nice and tight. i have been thinking about making a youtube channel specifically for and about reptilekin, since all of the therians/otherkin/alterhumans i see online, i swear... theyre all mammals!! there's nothing wrong with that, but i feel a wee bit lonely. enjoy the selfies.

they're both mainly made out of cardboard and acrylic paint. the 'raidon mask's antennae are fabric and stuffed though :3 soo soft...

dragon puppet

nami | 8/13/23

i made my first dragon puppet yesterday. she took maybe like 6 hours or so. she's made of cardstock and fabric and i used posca markers and colored pencil for the coloring. see those pseudocheeks?

hey there!!

nami | 8/6/23

sapphics are not immune to eventually watching utena. recently ive had a bit of an identity crisis and perhaps i am a fool for thinking i've got my identity all figured out at the age of 14, but i've identified as bisexual for i think 6 or 7 years and i recently came to the realization that i literally just actually do not care for men in a romantical or sexual way At All. i struggled with that for like 2 days and anyway hey i'm a lesbian. i've been terribly slacking on my silly den and since school is going to start soon, i dont suppose i'll get much better about it... for now my only worries are updating the art page (i draw a lot!) but the other pages may not be updated for a long while. anyway watch utena its good im on episode 29 god i love girlboys


nami | 7/25/23

my head hurts... anyway, we are back from vacation. i overestimated gab's structural integrity and he is slated for some repairs soon. here are some things i got during my trip.
this is the humerus and ulna i found on a beach. i think it's of a seafowl. maybe a goose or pelican?

i picked up this little fellow in japantown! it was a blind box sort of thing and im sooo sososososo happy i got the pink one!!! i have a recent obsession with cute gunpla so, im a happy critter... i plan on getting a actual gunpla soon :^3 (i really want the 1/100 fm aerial, but my wallet doesn't). here's my updated shelf.

it was fun but i'm happy to be home again.
oh, i got pikmin 4 too ^^!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS FUN!!

another beast is done

nami | 7/17/23

i started working using this raptor pattern about 3 days ago. i made amends with my sewing machine during this. i also JUST realize the head is so tiny because the pattern called for 4 pieces... it didn't say so on the pattern sheet... woops. anyway, here is gab (guel aviary blingonium) who is the brother of gob.

here is some in progress

i did a lot of work today because i wanted to finish before i fly across the country. gab will come with me on the plane :^3...sorry, err, what, i'm taking him on a ride using my wings!


nami | 7/11/23

sapphics are not immune to eventually watching g-witch, huh? i don't know anything about gundam except "it has big robots", but its been fun to piece things together while i watch this :3 im REALLY enjoying it so far. i am a firm believer in not binging things, but erm... i was supposed to only watch 4 episodes yesterday and ended up watching 6. i watched 4 today and episode 10 took my wife, kids, and pelted me all at once, and i've heard it only gets worse. how exciting! i'm a bit late watching it and got spoiled a little already, but its okie. i'll continue drawing women now...


nami | 7/10/23

gmod is a really fun game with the right people :3

beast is done

nami | 7/7/23

their name is gob and they are very silly :3 (gob is short for georgios ocellus blingonium).

i will go into a little detail of their creation. the body is a base made of wires wrapped with bed batting. the face and feet are made of oven bake clay and painted with acrylic. i dont have resin so i just sort of sealed it with clear nail polish... (don't do that). for the body, i used the masking tape method to create the pattern.

the topmost piece is the neck and back piece. the two pieces on the left are the body's sides. the piece on the right is the tail.

i handsewed everything again, but its probably normal to do that for something like this anyway. i used hot glue to attach the clay parts to the wire and fur. i didn't mean for the ears to be so large, but the fabric i used was fluffier than i recalled. the front leg's wire was too short so i had to glue the feet to the fabric instead which is why they always appear to be in a bounding sort of pose. i am happy with them.

beast in progress

nami | 7/7/23

a year or so ago i got a few day long hyperfixation on artdolls so i made a base for one but never got farther than that because i didn't know how to sew or sculpt, really. i'd say i still don't know how to do either of those things very effectively, but i do know enough to get this dinky thing conceptualized. this is the result of a day and a half of work so far, and i plan to finish today.

don't look at me with those big ol' eyes! everything other than the eyes is made all by me. the eyes were from etsy but my grandma bought them a million years ago so i don't remember who the seller is. all i have left to do today is the tail, and hot gluing clay parts to the wires, as well as the ears. hopefully you will see them done soon :3

thinking about artfight

nami | 7/2/23

i've never joined an artfight before, but i've felt very tempted recently. one of the best feelings in the world is making stuff for others and seeing them melt and explode over it!! i know i have the necessary skill to make that happen on a regular basis. but... i am SO anxious online, i feel like the ratio of Happy:OhGod is going to tip in favor to OhGod more often than not. anyone else feel that? i'll think about it. if i do end up joining, i hope i get to draw a lot of dragons :3

a lack of scaled friends

nami | 7/2/23

one of the only things i dislike about living in a place with all 4 seasons is the distinct lack of reptiles. i only see like maybe MAX 10 a year. this is very bad and i get super excited whenever i see a fellow reptile because of this... summer is good because that's when all the snakies come out. i saw one a few weeks ago and got VERY happy. i will be travelling to a hot place in a week though, so hopefully i see a lot of friends...

pikmin 4 demo!

nami | 6/29/23

i cannot describe how excited i am for this game. pikmin is a very close series to me, and its THE game my friends think of when they think of me. for a very long time we pikmin fans thought pikmin 4 was nothing but a figment of our imaginations. miyamoto mentioned it over the years, but it was always "in development", with not much more to go off of. but now we live in a world where it comes out in a month. it's mind boggling. and i really REALLY enjoyed the demo! the atmosphere is a lot different than past games. past games always had a feeling of desolation--- due to lonelieness and human remains combined. but in pikmin 4's universe, it seems humans are still here... or left very recently. this causes the atmosphere to be a lot less dreadful, i suppose. and also, there's so many friends surrounding you, you don't feel alone at all! it's not better or worse to me, just different. all the games make me feel cozy though, including this one. the character creation options are a bit... limited, so i didn't really have the resources to make a "self-insert". instead, view the beauty that is pink sauce.

how do my fellow pikmin fans feel? honestly, to me, the fact that i can control oatchi is a game-winner. sorry, i'm just creature-coded...

my story!

nami | 6/28/23

i decided to make an index page for a story i've been working on for a while and recently got an interest in. i plan on eventually adding a real link to it somewhere on my site, but i haven't thought of a good way to yet... i want it to be sort of hidden yet also not completely misseable. anyway, for now, here it is!. it's quite the work in progress for now.

look what came in!

nami | 6/28/23

i ordered an articulated dragon off of etsy and i'm very happy with it!! is so good for my brain... and of course i'm happy to have more dragons in my hoard. the seller even sent a little extra! how nice! (hand reveal)


nami | 6/26/23

yesterday, i began watching cardcaptor sakura! i had been meaning to for a while because i had always enjoyed the art style of it (i really love 90s anime art styles), and of course i love magical girls. like many, my introduction to the genre was from pmmm, but im not under the opinion that pmmm is a "deconstruction" of the genre or anything. i think its a celebration! anyway, i'm only on like episode 8 right now, but i am thoroughly enjoying my time. sakura's personality makes me very very happy--- and also, i just keep thinking, "she's so cool!". come on, she rollerblades to school... you just can't get cooler than that. tomoyo is very queer, we love to see that--- i feel like many magical girl animes, no matter how dated, depict wlw relationships and/or characters, which is another reason why i love the genre. in fact, i dont think i know any magical girl shows that dont have any queer women within them. this anime makes me feel very connected to my femininity and so very glad to be a "girl"!

laela plushie

nami | 6/25/23

i made a plush of my oc laela using this pattern along with a little modifications. of course, no plushie of mine is mine if it isn't at least mildly deformed.

this is the hole where she was turned inside out.
her blue tummy.
i hand sewed everything because, interestingly i went through a lot of emotions while making this plush... my brother machine freaked out a few times, all the fault of mine, and it made me panick a bit and i already didn't like using the machine, so i am further pushed away from it. let's just say there is a few holes in the internal bobbin container... also, i was viciously attacked by my intestines while i was attempting to sew the body pieces together yesterday, i cried! so yeah a lot happened but she is done now! she is infused with the entire spectrum of human emotion. also don't mind the unfinished tatsugiri in the background. i got really burnt out trying to pattern the body piece and maybe one day i will return to it once i am more experienced.
she has hand embroidered eyes, and beans inside of her stomach. it took me three days to complete. modifications include horns + ears, blue stomach and her tuft at the end of her tail.


nami | 6/23/23

sometimes, people use power for evil.

modding spore

nami | 6/22/23

i have been on a bit of a spore interest recently, so i wanted to download it again, so i did (after regrettably having to download the new ea app. not like origin was really any good either). ever since i was a young-er-in', i've been fascinated with the dark injections mod but i never really knew how to implement that. well, i decided to try and live my childhood dream of modding spore! yipee! everything went well enough at the start, following along with a spore modapi tutorial. but....... in order for it to work you need to have galactic adventures downloaded. look , i have almost 800 hours in spore which may not be much to some, but it is one of my most played games of ever. i am truly happy with core spore and never bought any addons and was not about to spend 20 dollars on some dlc i would never use simply to mod the game. so, even though spore modapi's website says legally downloaded version of galactic adventures is needed, well... that certainly didn't stop me from trying. after spending a little time on a shady website since i have no eye for self preservation, i have some files and a weird installshield. i tried to use the setup thing but it insisted i didnt have spore installed, so it refused to install g.a.. so be it, whatever then! i go to ea app and open properties on my sporegame and notice an interesting button. "repair" button. well, i did mess with the files some so i wanted to make sure nothing broke before i opened the game. it repaired stuff and... i look into the files and, there it is, an illegal galactic adventures mounted to spore by the ea app itself. fuck you ea. needless to say! i am downloading a lot of mods... (also, my spore is in japanese due to my device locale and i don't know how to fix it. erm!)


nami | 6/19/23

stickers are very wonderful things. many people do not find a use for them but i just enjoy having them and making them too. just a little sticky version of a little guy maybe, or even your favorite character or something. a reminder of the fantastical. the childlike wonder... contained only on a single piece of vinyl. very powerful isnt it?

i swear i will go to sleep

nami | 6/18/23

my first post

nami | 6/18/23

ahh... stretches wings... it seems you found my totally secret, err, "blog", as they call it. who is "they"? um, well thats a good question... maybe merriam webbster? i dont know their pronouns. anyway, it's like 9 pm, i'm pooped. take this.
paldean pooper